Winter Memories: Toyama, Shirakawa-Go and Takayama Towns

The summer heat that swept Tokyo in the past days made me remember our winter escapade in Gifu prefecture. This is an area that slowly getting attention from foreign tourists, and the best time to visit is “as soon as possible” before it becomes overcrowded. 

From Tokyo to Toyama




We did this travel early in March so it was too late for the snow and too early for the cherry blossoms in Toyama. Toyama is one of the gateways for the Japanese Alps and one of the few places where you can get a view of this magnificent mountain range. This quiet town is not famous for tourists but I must say it’s worth a visit even for just a few hours. Here’s an article that I’ve shared with Japan Info Website that gives you “5 Things to Do in this Little-Known Castle Town” (Click the link to read the article)

From Toyama to Shirakawa Go


It was early in March and yet Shirakawa Go Village was still covered with snow. The road from Toyama to this place was unbelievably beautiful- I felt like a kid being transported to the world of Narnia! It even snowed when we were there. It was such a treat for a tropical girl like me.



The snow-covered mountains and rivers and the traditional houses were like a painting that has come to life. The quaint shops offer you nothing but good food! And though hundreds of tourists come during the day, you’ll have the place by yourself very early in the morning. Here’s my recommended activities in this Japanese traditional village: “Five Things to Do in Shirakawa Go“. (Click the link to read the article)






From Shirakawa Go to Takayama

From Shirakawa-Go, we went on to Takayama, a charming old town in Gifu-prefecture. It is known for its well-preserved old towns and colorful festivals.




Takayama (or Hida-Takayama) is also the gateway to Shin-Hotaka Ropeway, the first aerial lift in Japan that uses double decker cabins. I’ve written an article about Takayama and Shin-Hotaka Ropeway for Japan Info: “5 Interesting Things to Do in Takayama, Gifu’s Charming Old Town” (Click the link to read the article)



This is one of the most memorable Japan trips I’ve had so far. If you plan to come to Japan, try to visit these places especially Shirakawa-Go, it will not disappoint.



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