Into the Fields of Biei

The sun kissed the field

Then it turned golden yellow

Hand of the Creator


Some places will really bring out the artist in you. You’ll be able to create poems, paint or even sing a song. Biei of Central Hokkaido gave me that moment. If not for the bike that I was riding, I would’ve written all the words playing in my head.  


The different hues of green and yellow with the backdrop of Hokkaido mountain range created a perfect panorama. It’s as if the fields were praising its Maker and the crops were bursting with joy while the sun sets in the horizon.



Most tourists pay attention to some special trees featured in TV commercials but the fields caught my heart.  The hills, though completely white in winter, are now composed of wheat, malt, barley and rice fields.



Some field owners have different crops like onion and other vegetables. Others have buckwheat fields. (Imagine my giddiness after seeing a real buckwheat field- a #GoblinKoreanDrama fan would know what I am talking about.) 



Sunkissed in the fields

Fields of wheat, malt and barley

In the hills of Biei


田畑とその中のすべての物は大いに喜べ… 詩篇‬ ‭96:12‬ a

If you want to know more about Biei more, read my article at Japan Info site: “5 Tips to Affordably Get Around Hokkaido’s Most Beautiful Areas in Summer“.


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