Summer Lavender Dreams

Seeing a lavender farm is one of my silly teenage dreams. I’ll wear a white dress and a hat and will harvest in a huge lavender field. I will run in the field, smell the lavenders and just soak in the sun.


Years passed and the dream just faded. It no longer matters anymore. It feels silly and irrelevant compare to the daily hustle of life. But some silly dreams can actually become a reality even if you have forgotten it already.

We visited Furano in Central Hokkaido, known for its lavender fields in the summer. The gate to these beautiful farms is Sapporo, the main city of the Northern islands of Japan. From Sapporo, the lavender farms are 2-hours away by a limited express train. Furano (and its neighboring town Biei) are worth-it destination in every season. But if you want to see the lavender blooms, July and August are the best time to go.


Seeing the lovely Farm Tomita is surreal for a tropical girl like me. The other side is a hill composed of lavender blooms and next to it are barn houses where the pressing of lavenders are done. At the foot of the hill, you can see different kinds of flowers in red, orange, yellow, white and pink.




If you’re hungry, you can stop by in the nearby café to eat light snack or enjoy their lavender or melon ice cream. There’s also Tomita Melon House, known for its sweet melon desserts (the desserts here are must-try!).


On the other side of Tomita Farm, you can find a beautiful landscape of lavender with different kinds of flowers. It’s one of the most photographed landscape in Furano every summer, I guess. There’s also a poppy and rapeseed field.



There are many other lavender farms in Furano. They are difficult to reach without a car but walking from the station is such a treat if you like walking. We did walk for about 20-minute from Farm Tomita to the Lavender East. It hit 30+ degree Celcius that time- a temperature that is foreign for people in Hokkaido but it happened nonetheless (oh, global warming!)




We managed to get some nice pictures in Lavender East but I feel you don’t really need to go all the way there if you don’t have a car. Choei Lavender Farm is nearer to Tomita (about 10-minute walk and 5-minute walk from NakaFurano Station). Choei Farm is an ski-resort during the winter and a flower farm during the non-skiing months. You can ride the ski lift all the way to the top to witness the magnificent view of the lavenders and the town and Hokkaido mountain range.




My lavender dreams came true though I wasn’t wearing a white dress. Some dreams are like that- it’ll come to you without even knowing it. So if God can make your silly dreams come true, how much more are the ones that will bring the glory to Him? I can’t wait to witness more of that in my life.


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If you want to know more about Furano more, read my article at Japan Info site: “5 Tips to Affordably Get Around Hokkaido’s Most Beautiful Areas in Summer“.


11 thoughts on “Summer Lavender Dreams

  1. I’m excited to read it, because Farm Tomita is one of the place l really want to visit. So nice pictures! I love lavender’s fragrance!


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