That Beie-autiful Town


There’s a tune that’s playing in my head while I write this blog post (I won’t share what it is but it’s reflected in the title). I’ve shared something about Biei already (Into the Fields of Bieiand yet I feel that I needed to write more about this beautiful Japanese town in Central Hokkaido.

Aoi Ike (Blue Pond)

Used to be Hidden in the forest of Biei near the mountain range of Central Hokkaido, the Blue Pond (Aoi Ike) is drawing hundreds of tourists everyday (thanks to Apple for featuring a picture in their OS X Mountain Lion). This man-made pond is not like any other pond because of the different color that it produces. The color differs depending on the weather or the season.




Biei Town

Biei has always been a popular spot in Hokkaido but not much is written about the town itself. When I walked out of Biei Station, my first reaction was: “Am I in a movie set?” The whole town portrays serenity in spite of the crowd; it is simple and yet charming. There were no tall buildings just two-storey buildings that are either shops or restaurants These buildings have a mark that shows the year when they were constructed. Some are even over 100 years old already. They are well-maintained (probably because of the growing popularity of their town) and don’t have that Japan’s traditional signature look anymore.




I don’t really know why Biei has charmed me more than Furano, Asahikawa or Sapporo. Maybe because it reflects home so much and somewhere in my heart, I still long to live in a quiet and small town like Biei.

If you want to know more about Biei more, read my article at Japan Info site: “5 Tips to Affordably Get Around Hokkaido’s Most Beautiful Areas in Summer“.


5 thoughts on “That Beie-autiful Town

  1. Tama, it doesn’t look like a traditional japanese countryside nga. More like a hollywood set, but only calmer & serene. It reminds me of a perfect little village that fairies & princesses live in…captured in my thoughts as a little girl. 😊


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