#1 Sapporo: Odori Park in the Summer

“Wrapped in the silence of a (summer) evening. The aroma of grilling corn at the side of Odori Koen.” These are the words of a famous Japanese poet, Takuboku Ishikawa (except that I changed autumn to summer). In his monument in Odori Park, you can read his story about his visit in Sapporo in the autumn of 1907. I could picture in my mind how he spent his days walking at Odori Park. I wonder then how the park looked like without the modern structures and the high buildings nearby. I wonder how things have changed. One thing’s sure though, you can still buy grilled corns in the food stalls near the fountain in the middle of the park.




Located in the heart of Sapporo, Odori Park is a few minute walk from Sapporo Station. It is perfect for a morning or evening stroll when it is not winter time. In the summer time, you’ll see many locals taking a walk, resting and spending time with their loved ones in Odori Park. The man on the picture below chose to spend his time with the birds.



You’ll also see different kinds of flowers in the park and also different kinds of birds. Be extra careful though especially if you have food with you because there are glaring crows ready to snatch your food.




I believe the modern Ishikawas will still be able to find inspiration while hanging out in Sapporo’s “Central Park”. If you choose to start your Sapporo adventure in Odori Park, you won’t regret it. The Sapporo TV Tower is located at the far end of the park and the Sapporo Clock Tower is only a few blocks away. The good thing about spending your precious time here is you don’t need to spend money… you can stroll, relax and watch people while eating grilled corn and writing your own poem.



via Daily Prompt: Glaring


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