#2 Sapporo: Summer Street Scenes and Food

When I visit a new city, I like taking a walk to go to the usual tourist spots but I also like getting lost in small alleys and taking pictures of anything that captures my attention. For me this is a good way to get a glimpse of the city and observe the way of life of the people. There’s also a chance that you’ll be able to see something that is not in any travel guide book.



From Sapporo Station, my husband and I started our walking adventure in the long underground pedestrian walkway that connects JR Sapporo Station and Odori Station (Read my post about Odori Park here). This pedestrian walkway connects malls, JR Station to subways and has many restaurants and cafes.

Our feet led us to the Ramen Alley  where we tried the special Sapporo ramen: Buttered Shrimp/Seafood Ramen. If you are not adventurous when it comes to food, then skip this and just order the common ramen in pork broth.



If you want to try some fresh sashimi and crabs, head to Nijo Market like we did. From there you can walk to the Soseigawa Park: if you go left, you’ll go all the way to Toyohira River Banks or if you go right, you’ll head to Sapporo TV Tower that will lead you to the famous Odori Park. Whichever way you choose is entirely up to you. We opted to walk to the Odori Park direction and spent ome time hanging out in the park.


From Odori Park, we walked all the way to the former Hokkaido Government Office. It was full of people that time for some event and we just headed back to the street near our hotel. On our way we saw some people lining up for free ice cream and so we went there and joined the line. HAHAHA 😛 Sapporo Clock Tower is near our hotel so we walked to that direction and took some pictures.

Free Ice Cream
Former Hokkaido Government Building (now a museum)
Sapporo Clock Tower

Night street scenes in Sapporo during the summer is lively with the city lights and full of people taking advantage of the warmer weather. Try some sweet potato and corn being sold in the streets or look for a curry soup house and have a taste of a different kind of curry. It’s a must-try if you visit Sapporo.




Try Genghis Khan (if you like lamb meat) in Sapporo Beer Garden or go all the way to Daruma Honten Genghis Khan for a cheaper alternative. Since Daruma Honten is a really small place, expect to wait in line. If you don’t like enclosed space, then this place is not for you.

I’ve read in a travel forum about Sapporo that there’s not much to see in the summer. I completely disagree. There’s always something to see and experience if we will get up on our feet and explore.

In an alley like this, you will find good food 🙂

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