Field Notes on My Fukushima Visit

Sometimes in life, it will bring you to a place you've never dreamed of visiting. And somehow, some way it changed you. People outside Japan might view Fukushima in a devastated state, with ruins that cannot be mended (at least not effortlessly). I remember hearing a story during my first day in Fukushima about some … Continue reading Field Notes on My Fukushima Visit


Sapporo Food Finds (2)

I hope my Sapporo Food Finds (1) helped you. Here's my top 3 for this week: 1) Lunch at Cugurido In Sapporo Chikagai (between Sapporo and Odori) there's a building called Akarenga Terrace. In the third floor, you'll find different restaurants (ramen, sushi, etc.) We tried one restaurant called Cugurido for our lunch. The place … Continue reading Sapporo Food Finds (2)

Shiraito Falls, Karuizawa

Continued from Autumn in Karuizawa (Part 1), Naka-Karuizawa (Part 2) We've seen many photographs of the Shiraito Falls in the internet so we were really excited to see it. Going there takes about 25 minutes by bus from Karuizawa Station. The breathtaking view going up to the mountains will really make one giddy. Shiraito falls … Continue reading Shiraito Falls, Karuizawa

Naka-Karuizawa’s Autumn Colors

Continued from Autumn in Karuizawa I find Naka-Karuizawa area lovely and quiet. It's a great place to wander to early in the morning since most tourists focus mainly in Kyu-Karuizawa area. We stayed in a cheap but clean Japanese inn in the area called Ikoisanso. From there, the main attractions in the area are accessible … Continue reading Naka-Karuizawa’s Autumn Colors